December 6-7, 2018


Prague, Czech Republic


100 Seats


14 Professional Speakers

Prague Chemicals Management Cruise 2018




The 50m-long Bohemia Rhapsody Boat, one of the biggest boats in Central Europe, docked at Dvořák embankment just steps away from Čech Bridge. Boarding starts at 13:30 🙂


Bohemia Rhapsody Boat, Dvořák Embankment, docked next to Čech bridge, Czech Republic

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The neo-renaissance building of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic built in 19th century will be dedicated to the experience sharing round-tables, the famous ConverStations.


Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Národní 1009/3, Prague, Czech Republic

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Conference Schedule

Tomáš Novotný

Notification of chemicals to poison centres: hands-on training

Masterclass with Tomáš Novotný, Customer Happiness Manager and Director at EcoMole Ltd. Tomáš will walk you through notification of hazardous chemicals to poison centres and show you in real-time how it is done and point out any difficulties you might be facing in the process. You will get a skill you will use many times in day-to-day practise thanks to new obligations set by CLP Annex VIII being in force from January 2020.

We will be going through practical examples and after getting your training certificate, we can all enjoy a bit of rest at a complimentary lunch before jumping on the boat for the main event of PCMC 2019.

Keynote speaker: Catherine Cornu

Quality of information from REACH registrations, updates of REACH registration dossiers

It is estimated that 65 - 75 % of REACH registration dossiers contain data gaps or obsolete data potentially leading to non-compliance. That's why the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is putting the issue of dossier quality and dossier updates at the very top of the list of priorities for upcoming years. ECHA's director, Bjorn Hansen, reported that REACH lacks clear incentives for companies to update registration dossiers, just about a year after ECHA's former director, Geert Dancet, mentioned that the industry is misinterpreting REACH dossier update obligations. That was back in 2017. Now some of the EU member states are calling for REACH dossier update Regulation, forcing the registrants to check and update their registrations on regular basis. We will take a close look at the latest developments in dossier quality, dossier updates and any potential upcoming regulatory measures associated with this challenging issue.  

Communication in supply chains: focusing on extended Safety Data Sheets, Exposure Scenarios and Risk Management Measures

Keynote speaker: Oldřich Jarolím


Keynote speaker: Coming soon

Trends in toxicity testing and new methods in toxicity assessment

Networking Cruise with complimentary buffet dinner

Once the afternoon sessions on various regulatory topics are over, we will set sail on the 74m-long Grand Bohemia boat together, to enjoy magnificent sights of evening Prague and carry on with informal discussions over a delicious buffet dinner. Let’s navigate together towards compliance!

ConverStations: Experience-sharing round tables facilitated by Mia Forbes Pirie

How it woks: ConverStations is what makes PCMC unique. An interactive format highly appreciated by the participants where you can participate in a round table discussion in a small group of 6-8 experts with various background - from authorities over consultants to industry. During the ConverStations you will be able to select 3 discussion topics, but of course at the end you will get a summary of the key points of all discussion tables. Menu of discussion topics: 
  • Compliance of registration dossiers
  • Chemicals disappearing from supply chains
  • Trends in testing and new methods in toxicity assessment
  • Substitution of SVHCs with safer alternatives
  • Experience with customs and inspections in different countries
  • Post-Brexit chemical regulations
  • Latest developments in preparation of the database of SVHCs in articles (Waste Framework Directive)
  • Extended Safety Data Sheets - how not to get lost in tons of paper
  • Sharing data for REACH and UK-REACH
  • Classification, labelling and SDS management – an everlasting challenge for both small as well as large companies – typical models in SDS management for different players
  • Notification of chemicals to Poison Centres
Among those who will join the discussions are:

A few words from the participants of PCMC 2017